This is us

I could type a bunch of words to describe myself & our life but it’s way more fun to just do a photo dump (right off my iPhone!) of images to help you get an idea of who we are & our tribe’s adventures. Scroll down for photos or to learn more about my creative style, what it’s like to work with me or for a Q&A click on the buttons below.


5 second facts
  • fave places to repeatedly travel to are Iceland and Sedona
  • family is my everything
  • I was an elementary school teacher for many years
  • dogs and goats are the best 4 legged beings on the planet
  • I love gardening, kayaking, being a musician, hiking, skiing and I breathe best whenever I’m in nature
  • days filled with loved ones and laughter are the best! 
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once & Interstellar are the best movies ever
  • I love ghost hunting and exploring abandoned places
  • I believe that the journey is where it’s at and that we have a way of ending up exactly where we need to be

now you know a bit about me, I'd love to get to know you!

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