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about me

This is always the hardest part…talking about myself! 🙂 So much of what I do is focused completely on you but it’s important for you to know just who is behind that camera there and since we will be spending most of your wedding day together, getting along is…well…pretty darned important! So here are a few random things:

My three children are my world and my miracles…I can’t imagine life without them!

I’m totally addicted to world travel…anywhere, anytime, anyway…but I love coming home to Maine.

I was a concert pianist, competitive Irish dancer and performed in off-off (very off!) broadway musicals.

I started in photography as a teenager, using BW film photography to document inner-city life on the streets of NYC and DC.

Love X-files, anything Monty Python or Mel Brooks as well as any Jane Austen movie and crazy range of music from Grateful Dead to Imagine Dragons.

Always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, wind surf and my secret dream…to be discovered by National Geographic as the next “must have” travel photographer/writer.