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this day started out like the adult version of the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and instead of having to eat lima beans and get a shot at the doctors i started the day off stepping in dog poo, couldn’t find my keys, had to wait for the very late oven repair guy, had a bad rainy hair day and was late for simply everything…

…and just when i was adding some more depth to the carved out “angry eleven” little frowny wrinkles, i found out a friend’s husband was just diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer.

the world…just…stopped.

how could the little annoyances {and they are little} hold any weight when someone i care about’s world has just caved in and nothing, simply nothing, will ever be the same for them. and these pivotal, life changing moments are happening all the time…good and bad moments. it put things so quickly into perspective.

so, tonight i am going to go to bed and i am going to think about how my son, aidan, made the most amazing play dough prototype cars complete with airbags and protective roll bars and how in awe of his creative mind i am.  i’m going to cherish snuggling with my daughter, julia, who was home sick from school today because i know it won’t be too long where she will not want my arms wrapped tightly around her. i’m going to be grateful for my son, connor, who bought me a container of chocolate babies, just because he loved me and is such a gentle soul…and he knew how much i can’t resist chocolate babies. i’m going to chuckle {loudly} about how my daughter became distressed when she learned that women have eggs in their ovaries that they can make babies out of; how she got SO upset, threw her head down on her plate of ravioli and cried that she never, NEVER wanted to have babies…ever, ever!

i’m going to go to bed and be grateful for the blessings in my life; for my beautiful children who cease to amaze me every single day and that I am SO glad I didn’t listen to myself when I said those same words when I was a kid…because I can’t imagine a life that didn’t include my babies.

i’m going to go to bed and be grateful that i have a “job” i love and look forward to each day; that i am constantly meeting new and incredible people who make my life richer; that i can enjoy all the joy my work offers and yet still maintain balance to be there for my children and experience the pivotal moments of their lives. to know i “was there when”…

i’m going to go to bed and be grateful that my health is good and the discomforts i have are just minor as i can laugh, run, play and enjoy without worrying if i will be here on this earth tomorrow and the day after.

i’m going to go to bed and think of my friend and her husband…and send them all the strength and love i have inside me as they face this journey together.  i will continue to embrace hope and believe that anything is possible.

tonight I will go to bed happy and know that whatever tomorrow brings we always have hope, love and each other…

  • Kim Ross

    It speaks to what a wonderful person you are that you are so grateful for the blessings in life….. And your friend is lucky to have you to lend her your strength during a difficult time!!!

  • rachel

    Kim, thank you so much! Your words touched my heart and gave me a wonderful way to start out this work day. 🙂 Hope you are all well and that we get to see you sometime soon!

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