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{testing this puppy out…let’s see how she does!}

this newly redesigned, botoxed, collagen implanted, nip and tucked blog is going for a little test run now with it’s very first post. let’s see if all the sleep deprived nights, wearing the same clothes for days in a row and coffee chugging was worth it. here is one frame from our styled shoot in stowe, vermont. much, much more to come!

  • Love it!!

  • rachel

    thanks so much Jenn! You are my first official comment on the new blog. So glad you came over for a visit and left me a note. 🙂

  • LOVE this image. So glad we got to work together on this project. I feel more creative episodes ahead of us. You truly are amazing. xo

  • Rhiana Schenck

    Such beautiful portraits from a fabulous shoot. Beautiful work Rachel! So fun working with you 🙂

  • Colleen Pardue

    A new blog! How exciting for you. I am so impressed by your talents Rachel – you truly are an amazing photographer. I can’t wait to poke around the blog and check out the fun things you have been working on! I look forward to reading this and can’t wait to work together again later this year!!!

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