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Janet and Jake

location: home

hair and makeup: Xana-do Salon and Spa

flowers and cake: The Bankery and Skowhegan Fleuriste

catering: heritage House

music: DJ Boz


Janet and Jake’s wedding day was one of those moments where you realize that time really does fly by…whether you want it to or not…it just keeps truckin’. I first met Janet when she was in high school for her senior photographs. I remember, very clearly, her telling me that she hated having her picture taken, looked terrible in every shot there was, didn’t know how to smile or pose or anything…riiiigghtttt! Well, that got shot down immediately when she plopped on the cowboy hat and boots…and there was no stopping her. Each image was more gorgeous than the last. What an amazing time we had!

Fast forward to wedding time. Janet reminded me that she takes awful photographs and feel awkward…yadda, yadda…and no one there believed her because, well, we have evidence to the contrary. 😉 But none of that mattered because when Jake looked at Janet and Janet looked at Jake…no one else existed. Cameras? What cameras? People? What people? The love between them was tangible and real…and beautiful.

It was evident in the marriage arbor Jake built and the entrance doors in the field he built as well. It was evident in how he made sure we tended to whatever Janet needed because “she is the most important person today”. It was brought to life in the way they always found a way to gently touch or glance at each other whenever they could. It was quietly spoken of when Janet talked about how their history. It was celebrated by all the family and friends that came to share in the day.

It was supposed to rain…downpour in fact…the whole day. Even Mother Nature decided to place a blessing on their love and not only held off the rain…but gave them sun and heat and just a gorgeous day. They even had a little rain luck when the sky opened up…when everyone was safely in the tent dancing away.

Janet and Jake…I wish you both all the happiness and love a life well-lived, together, will bring you both!



  • Michelle

    What a beautiful wedding. .. very happy for you
    The pictures were gorgeous


    These are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I knew from the moment of our meeting they were going to be for your attention to all the little details was very obvious – which makes for all the beautiful photos we have seen and will see! It was a pleasure meeting you both and having you at my home. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done for my Son and Daughter-in Law, Jake and Janet Burrill.

    Clara Burrill

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