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Sarah and Bob

location: seeds of peace camp, otisfield

florals: field sustainable floristry, megan hevenor

catering: Home Catering Co, matt chamberlain and brian kowtko

hair: owen hayes at coco cheveaux

makeup: joshua edouard heald

dress: liv harris for VOWS

The middle school years…some say it is purely a time of survival…and on many levels, that is true. For our son, the journey was deeply challenging and we are blessed, beyond all things imaginable, that he is still here, on earth, with us today. Sarah was one of our son’s 7th grade teachers…the year his rare autoimmune disease was diagnosed…and she was one of our Godsends as well. She, along with co-teacher Sherry (another Godsend!) treated our son with compassion and kindness…in an, all-to-often, socially cruel environment that can be middle school. Our son became very ill and was out of school for most of the year as he underwent treatment and recovery. We needed to find a way to help him heal and also balance keeping up with school as best as possible. Through their caring and creativity, we were able to find a way to home school him and they went above and beyond to help me, each week, bring the classroom to our home. I don’t know what I would have done without Sarah and Sherry. Sarah is a beautiful human being and the more I came to know her, the more I saw of the light that is her…how people gravitate to her and she to them. When I first met Bob, I could see their love…and the beauty of their relationship. They bring out the best in each other and they draw people to them. There is a genuineness to each of them and together…they are pretty amazing! Surrounded by dear family and friends, they got married at Seeds of Peace Camp, which is tied deeply to Sarah’s heart. Their wedding day really could not be more perfect.


Thank you for bringing your light into my son’s life. Thank you for being one of the important people who did, unknowingly, help breathe life back into him. Thank you for your humble compassion, your optimism and your tenacity. We truly could not have survived that year without you!

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